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The Button Blouse: Part Three

Remember what I said yesterday about wearing The Button Blouse with skinny jeans and flats? Well, that's just what Mom did for this third look in our Button Blouse series.

My personal style tends to be a touch dramatic. I like to mix prints and I love exaggerated shapes. The stranger, the better. But that's me and that obviously doesn't work for everyone.


Mom's personal style tends to be much more chic, more streamlined. Take the Bermuda shorts she wore yesterday, for example. She's had them for a decade but because the lines are clean and the style classic, they have stood the test of time and still look fresh!

The wonderful thing about fashion is that both approaches are a form of creative self-expression. The wonderful thing about The Button Blouse is that it is bold enough in its design to satisfy a style glutton like myself and simple enough to work within a more edited wardrobe like my mom's.


Maybe I need to have Mom send me The Button Blouse in both colors for a four-part series of my own. That would be such a fun—albeit admittedly self-indulgent—exercise!

No matter your approach to getting dressed in the morning, even if you don't put enough thought into it to call it an approach, The Button Blouse is a foundational piece that you will find yourself pulling from the hanger time and time again.


So, tell us: how would you wear The Button Blouse?





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