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The apparel industry causes irreparable damage to people and our planet.

We are all complicit.

B U T   W E   D O N ' T   H A V E   T O   B E   A N Y M O R E

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Looking for clothing that is beautiful and kind?

You're in the right place.
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- Create economic opportunities in ten countries.
- Establish safe and meaningful work environments for refugees.
- Design timeless pieces in high quality materials.

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"For me, Threads by Nomad was love at first sight. I love supporting local artists, small business, ethical fashion, and women entrepreneurs, and with Threads by Nomad I get to do it all! They follow up with genuinely good products. Their original designs are beautiful and quality, and the rest is thoughtfully curated." 

  • Aurelia
  • Austin, TX

"I've been a fan of Threads by Nomad from the beginning and have amassed quite a little collection of their pieces. Whether it's a custom order like a vintage Levi's jacket they remade for me, a basic silky tank, or a statement dress, everything I've purchased over the years has become a closet staple that I continue to wear every season. Being able to buy beautiful, stylish, well-made clothes and knowing my purchase goes toward a cause I believe in is a great feeling." 

  • Ruth
  • Seattle, Washington

"A few years ago, I was in Zimbabwe and purchased several yards of beautiful wax cloth. I had an idea – dog beds out of this durable, colorful and unique fabric. My problem? I can’t sew. It was through happenstance that I met Threads by Nomad – who not only work with the fabric, but embraced my vision! They took my idea and created a beautifully designed and executed product for me and my customers. 

They are an incredible delight to work with – always trying to make a tight schedule work, or track down a rouge UPS delivery!" 

  • Karen Johnson
  • PawsGo

"Thanks Christen and Nell for all of the hard work and all of the good that you do, and all of the fabulous taste, creativity, and love that you put into Threads by Nomad. There is no mistaking, I love you guys and the beautiful clothing that you create!!" 

  • Dianne Veatch

"I am absolutely in love with my Threads by Nomad pieces! Every time I wear my skirt or my "chicken pants," I get so many compliments. At first I worried that the pieces would feel too dressy for everyday wear, but they cross over really well from updated casual to evenings out and dressier events. I can't speak highly enough about the quality of the clothing, as well as the kindness and accommodation of everyone throughout the ordering process. Oh, and now even my dog fights me over which one of us gets to lay on our Threads pillows!"

  • Elizabeth Cestrone

"The first Threads piece I got was The Pants, Part Two. They looked so elegant and comfortable, and that is how I feel when I wear them. I never fail to get compliments when I wear them. Since then I have added pants in black bazin, the Dress in the same material, the batik short jacket, AND the high-low sweater. My Threads pieces are my go-to choices for important meetings at work. Stylish and comfortable can't be beat!"

  • Mary Lauer