The Button Blouse: Part Four

I'm a little sad this series is over. Mostly because I have loved sharing how awesome I think my mother is, but also because I miss this. This being the daily development of creative content. In a past life, I did a lot more styling and writing and teaching about what to wear, how, and why.

The good news is that we actually have more of this type of content planned.


That's right, we are currently working on a podcast, YouTube channel, and even a print magazine—because I still believe in the power of print! In addition to regular style features and new product launches, we'll chat about what it means to be a responsible consumer and how politics are changing retail. You will get to know our teammates and artisan partners, and we'll introduce you to other businesses and organizations that have similar philosophies and are doing good in their communities and beyond.


We have so much more to share and want to better communicate the why behind what we do. So keep an eye on Threads by Nomad and The Off Ramp because our next moves are exciting ones.

But none of that is why you've opened this email or are reading this blog. You tuned in for the final and fourth look in our Button Blouse series and as promised it's a good one.


To round out the series, Mom opted to pair the rust-colored Button Blouse with our straight skirt—the newest addition to our permanent collection. The straight cut of the skirt sets the stage for the unexpected angles of the blouse thereby creating visual interest while maintaining total comfort. After all, isn't that what we all want, to look and feel good?

I probably don't have to mention any of this again, but just in case you had already forgotten:

1. The Button Blouse comes in two colors: rust (or cinnamon as my mother prefers to call it) and sand.

2. It is currently discounted from $165 to $115.

3. And there are at least three more ways to wear it!


I hope you've enjoyed this little exercise, and I hope you too have now fallen in love with our Button Blouse!









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