The Button Blouse: Part Two

When there's a part one, one might assume there will be a part two. And in this case one would be correct in that assumption! In this Part Two of our Button Blouse series, Mom is rocking the rust-colored Button Blouse with Bermuda shorts and a transitional bootie.

I'd like to think she has picked up a styling trick or two from me over the years, but the truth is that she taught me everything I know! The way she picked up the color of the stripe in the shorts and mirrored it by pairing it with the rust Button Blouse and the shoes—genius!

Further proof that her instincts are dead-on is the resurgence of the Bermuda short in the Spring/Summer '21 collections that just walked down runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris! I promise you she has no idea she is that on-trend; she's just that good!

I would bet money that she is going to read this and laugh and roll her eyes even though I'm half a continent away. Perhaps my adulation is only partially warranted, because in reality The Button Blouse is truly easy to style. If all else fails, wear it with skinny jeans and flats and call it a (fabulous) day!

But I've already given too much away. There are two more looks ahead just in case we hadn't yet convinced you that this blouse is a wardrobe workhorse. Hasta mañana.





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