The Button Blouse: Part One

So, first, can we please talk about how beautiful my mother is? I know I'm biased but I swear she just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Yay, genetics!

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to bring your attention to what she's wearing. Notably The Button Blouse in sand. The fabric is breathable, and the line of buttons that angles across the torso when worn is ultra flattering. Mom and I both agreed it was our favorite piece from our most recent collection and were excited to send it out into the world.

The trouble is that the world didn't welcome it all that well. It just hasn't gotten the love we felt it deserved. So, we are here today to fix that. We identified two potential problems and are addressing them immediately: (1) Prospective Button Blouse purchasers aren't sure how to wear it, and (2) the price is too high.

I always read the last chapter of a book first, so let's start at the end here, too. We have adjusted the price. In fact, we have slashed $50 off the price of The Button Blouse. Originally $165, it is now $115. And Mom put together four looks—two wearing The Button Blouse in sand and two in rust—to show you over the next four days.

For those of you who have suspicions that I, the professional stylist, had a hand in compiling these looks, rest assured. She didn't even send me photos to approve beforehand. The blouse is as easy to wear as it is beautiful! No professional tricks necessary!

Here she styled it with the wide-leg pants from a previous collection, but stay tuned for how she styled with a skirt, shorts, and more!




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