Fall 2018: The '70s Dress

I love a good thrift store. I love the challenge of the hunt. I love the creativity and vision required to see things the way they could be, not just the way they are. And I love the prices! Several years ago, I stopped into a local thrift store and found this dress on a mannequin. Hand-made and dating back to the 1970s, it fit like it was made for me. No alterations needed. I'm pretty sure it was $7.

I wore the dress (pictured above) to a Threads shopping event my friends graciously hosted for us this past summer. Everyone assumed the dress was a Threads piece and wanted to know when it would be available for purchase! By the end of the day, I just started responding, "You'll see it in our next collection!"

And that's what we did. Sadly, our dress is more than $7. In fact, it is one of the more expensive pieces of this Fall 2018 release due to the labor and amount of fabric required of the design. However, if this style has survived the better part of fifty years and maintained its elegance, I have to believe it will continue to do so for another fifty!

P.S. The style is also available in a white and gray variety if that's more your jam.

Oops! One more thing. I'm still taking personal shopping appointments this week in Alexandria before the collection gets shipped back to Houston. We've decided to extend the appointments through Sunday. Times still available include Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you'd like to schedule a time to shop the collection in person, let me know!

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