Fall 2018: The Boxy Jacket

Dark pieces don't sell well online. It's a known retail reality. Unless you have a studio outfitted with major lights and multiple views and lots of money to pay for them, it is just hard to get a sense of how a dark piece will look in person from photos.

In this case, it makes me especially sad because I really love this jacket. Today the high was barely 55 and when paired with one of our gray tees, it was the ideal weight for indoor-outdoor wear. I did end up slipping on a light coat over it when I was outside in the morning for nearly an hour, but otherwise this jacket did the job beautifully!

The fabric was actually sourced through a friend who has connections in Mexico. This type of textile originates in the highlands region of Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico. According to Maya legend, textile production was taught by the Moon Goddess to the first woman, and the art form has been passed down from generation to generation of women. Through the colors and designs of the fabrics, modern-day Maya preserve important symbols of their culture.

I may not weave or be Mexican, but I'd like to think that by supporting these women the Moon Goddess is pleased with me. Buy the jacket and she'll be pleased with you, too! 😜🤣

(P.S. What did we do before emojis to indicate sarcasm when writing?!)

You can shop the jacket here. Or make a shopping appointment with me in Alexandria between now and Sunday to try it on in person!

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