How to Wear: The Pants (for the third time)

It wasn't until just now as I figured out what to title this particular blog post that I realized I featured our culotte pants in three of the ten outfits for this series--more than any other piece! And while I didn't realize it until now, I can't say that I'm surprised. They really are that good!

First, I styled these pants with a chambray denim button-down shirt. Second, I paired them with a belted, blousy top. This time, I wanted to show you that they can be "edged up" for fall. Yes, the pants themselves are light, airy, and soft. But they are also lined meaning they can be worn into the earlier cool months and they look great worn with darker pieces, too.

Here, I opted for a silk bomber jacket and a black tank. Both were a little too big for the model but that's what I had to work with! Hopefully, you're still able to see how you can stretch your wearing of our bestselling summer piece well beyond Labor Day with just a few tweaks here and there in color and style!

The clothing and shoes that are not part of the Threads by Nomad collection can be found at The Hive (301 Cameron) and The Shoe Hive (127 S. Fairfax) in Alexandria, Virginia.

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