How to Wear: The Skirt

The first time we tried to publish this series this was the first and only look that made it to the blog. It got a ton of attention and for good reason; it's beautiful. The model, the outfit, the setting--I am enamored with these photos.

My purpose in pairing a dressier jacket like this one with our clay-dyed cotton skirt was to show our readers how one might wear the skirt to work or a work function of some kind. Especially where I live, if it isn't conservative or sophisticated enough for work women won't buy it. No, not every piece from this Spring/Summer collection is work-worthy but a few of them are and the skirt is one of them!

In fact, this has been one of our most consistent pieces of feedback; our customers want to see more work-appropriate designs. To a certain extent, our designs must represent who we are, and Mom and I just aren't traditional in the way we dress. That said, we are planning to launch a mini-collection mid-fall (after the launch of our big fall collection) that consists of jackets and dresses meant for the office.

This concludes our ten-looks-in-ten-days series. I hope it's inspired you to pick out a new Threads by Nomad piece, mix up the way you wear the one(s) you already own, or just play around a little more in your wardrobe.

The clothing and shoes that are not part of the Threads by Nomad collection can be found at The Hive (301 Cameron) and The Shoe Hive (127 S. Fairfax) in Alexandria, Virginia.

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