How to Wear: The Dress

As much as I would love to own every piece Threads by Nomad has made, this is a business. We have bills to pay and paychecks to write. Mom and I don't get one of everything, on the house. Instead, we pick and choose the pieces we want from each collection and then purchase them for ourselves. (We do give ourselves a discount though!)

This dress is the first piece I purchased from our summer collection. The list of reasons behind my selection is long, but most important is that the dress is easy to wear. Its simple silhouette is forgiving and flattering. It is made of a super soft cotton that has been colored by dipping the fabric into a mud- or clay-based dye in India. I find myself reaching for it when I don't know what to wear in the morning or don't want to fuss over my outfit. The dress also transitions easily into fall with a lightweight trench and leather flats as seen here or booties and a fitted jacket, for example.

During last Friday's pop up shop, my friend Laura, co-founder of the newly opened Vikriya Lab, purchased this dress for herself. She is admittedly a tactile shopper; she wants to feel the fabric. I think this screenshot of her Instagram story says it all:

You can purchase the dress for yourself right here! The clothing and shoes that are not part of the Threads by Nomad collection can be found at The Hive (301 Cameron) and The Shoe Hive (127 S. Fairfax) in Alexandria, Virginia.

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