How to Wear: The Crochet Shell

The pieces that sell online are not always the same as the pieces that sell at our pop up shops. We had a very successful event at Ascend Cycle in Alexandria, VA last night. Two pieces that got a lot of love at the pop up have not been on the receiving end of much attention on our website--the raw silk vest and the crochet shell. Photographs simply cannot convey the beauty of the fabric and amazing detail of these two pieces.

The crochet shell is the result of a collaborative design effort and a desire to provide more work to our embroiderer, Atia from Afghanistan. The entire shell is handmade of fine silk gray yarn and the photos just don't do it justice. We recommend wearing it over our black cotton tank (as seen here) or gray silk tank (stay tuned for tomorrow's post) for maximum effect.

Sizing on this item is tough because of the amount of yarn and time that goes into making it. The S/M is 23 inches across and 19 inches long. We are happy to customize a crochet shell for you based on your own measurements. To do so, email us at and we'll fill you in on the process and provide you with a quote.

The clothing and shoes that are not part of the Threads by Nomad collection can be found at The Hive (301 Cameron) and The Shoe Hive (127 S. Fairfax) in Alexandria, Virginia.

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