Popping Up in Alexandria

There are good people. And then there are good people who are always thinking of others and how they can help them and work together. And then there are good people who are always thinking of others and how they can help them and work together, and who actually act on it and as a result build community. Kat, the owner of Ascend Cycle, is one of these people.

While we are friends I would not venture to say we are close. Still, time and again she has been the catalyst for something positive in my life and I am immensely grateful to and for her. Eons ago, she was thoughtful enough to ask me to play a small role in getting out the word about her newly revamped spinning studio, Ascend Cycle. When I did not follow through because of personal insecurities, she did not hold that against me. When we launched Threads, she was the first to offer us a space to "pop up" in and made sure to make a few purchases of her own. And then most recently, when I began looking for a new job, it was her casual mention of a potential opportunity that led to where I am now. Kat is not just good people, she is a special breed of good people.

Once again, she has shown her support by including Threads by Nomad in her studio's summer pop up shop. It seems like years ago that we partook in our very first pop up shop--also at Ascend--but in reality it was only this past holiday season. Since then, we've hosted similar events across the United States. Back then, I was shocked so many people would come out in the FREEZING cold to shop our giftables. I also wore the very wrong shoes for below-freezing weather and I am fairly certain it's the closest to frost bite I've ever come!

This time, I don't have to worry about frost bite; and instead of fear that no on will show, I am excited to see our friends and customers. I am also excited to show you a small capsule collection of new caftans we've made just for this event along with our summer pieces. Mark your calendars and if you live in or near Alexandria, VA come visit me in Del Ray for a little shopping, a glass of wine, and a hug!

Thank you, Kat. For everything.

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