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How to Wear: Three Pieces

When I design a collection, I try really hard to ensure we are creating pieces that will work together. This is in part for branding and marketing purposes; a cohesive collection is obviously easier to showcase in photographs online. Mostly, however, this is because I want our customers to know that we are not in the business of merely making pretty clothes but rather of (hopefully) dressing them. I never want a customer to buy a Threads piece in a void, not knowing how or with what to wear it. A savvy dresser will shop for clothes with outfits already in mind so that nothing goes unworn; in designing my collections I try to facilitate that.

For this reason, looks such as this one--which includes three of our signature summer pieces--are easy to put together because I thought of them even during the design process. I wouldn't have insisted on having a long vest if I didn't already know we offered multiple ways to wear it. You'll see the vest pop up again later in this series, but it also works well with the pants we featured yesterday and the cotton dress from our summer collection.

I kept the accessories within the same color palette for similar reasons--they are pieces that, when purchased, will work wonders for your wardrobe. In fact, I own the lace-up sandals and have put them to good use this summer!

I have no desire to make clothing that women--of all types of background, shape, size, and age--can't wear. I have no desire to make clothing that feels impractical or fussy. I want to make clothing that is worn over and over again, clothing in which women feel comfortable and even good, clothing that they want to wear.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, you have a couple of options. If you live in or near Alexandria, VA, we are hosting a pop up shop this Friday at Ascend Cycle from 6-830PM. Many of our summer pieces will be available for purchase including a few specialty items and gifts. If attending the pop up shop is not a possibility, then consider buying your favorite (or favorites) online right here. If you have questions prior to your purchase, we are happy to help: support@threadsbynomad.com.

The clothing and shoes that are not part of the Threads by Nomad collection can be found at The Hive (301 Cameron) and The Shoe Hive (127 S. Fairfax) in Alexandria, Virginia.

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