The Wild Goose & A Common Purpose

As I write this I am sitting at the only restaurant in Hot Springs, NC that has a wifi connection. Population: 506 and zero cell phone service. But today, the restaurant and town are hopping, even mid-afternoon. One long weekend each year thousands of campers (including me) descend upon this tiny town for the annual Wild Goose Festival. The Wild Goose Festival is an art, music, and story-driven transformational experience grounded in faith-inspired social justice. Basically it's a bunch of wannabe hippies trying to figure out how to save the world and having a good time while doing it. I look forward to the festival all year long. Not only do I enjoy the time spent with friends in the mountains, the endless stars, the perpetually dirty feet, and spontaneous dance parties; but Wild Goose reorients me toward what's most important and reminds me that we all have a common purpose--to care for one another. Wild Goose has also taught me that carrying out this common purpose looks different for everyone. I'm personally still exploring the ways I feel called to carry it out in my life, but Threads by Nomad is very much at the heart of it all. I know there are a handful of you who will read this and roll your eyes, but I encourage all of you to take a moment and think about how you want to fulfill your role in this common purpose. Perhaps you care for your family and raising kids into kind adults is your mission. Maybe you will choose to volunteer at a homeless shelter. You could attend rallies and protests. Or lead a Sunday School class. You may want to donate children's clothing to the drive I am running for refugees living in Alexandria, VA (hint hint) or you could connect with a refugee asylum program in your own city. Or you could purchase something from Threads by Nomad. A few days ago we listed a ton of new product on our website--scarves, dolls, caftans, and more. Social justice and business no longer have to live in separate realms. In fact, it's important that we look for ways to encourage social entrepreneurship. Buying a handmade Threads by Nomad piece is a direct contribution toward the welcoming and support of refugees living in the United States. By purchasing something a member of our staff has made you are caring for them and communicating to them that you are glad they are safe, employed, and living here. Your help helps us help others. (How do you like that?!) And for that we are so grateful. xoxo, Christen

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