We know people!

I was walking down the street near our home in Brussels, Belgium years ago. We had not lived there a long time. Yet as I walked down the street, people greeted me by name. It was my realization that I belonged. I said later to a friend in a letter, “I know people!” Threads by Nomad has re-ignited that joyous realization. I know people! As we have developed our microenterprise opportunities overseas we have been able to do so because of our years of travel and living in other countries. Our batik which will be featured in our fall collection? Because of connections in West Africa. Our Thai silk also to be featured in our fall collection? Because of connections in Thailand. Soon you will see works from Uzbekistan and fabric from Guatemala. A very special connection brought us our most recent acquisition. We have known Jonathan Bailey since the birth of our son, Brandon. Christen was only 3 years old. Jonathan worked with us in the center we directed in Senegal, West Africa and was a part of our family. He is Uncle Jonathan to the children and JonBoy to me. In 1994 when Jonathan married Tina it was a beautiful match. Jonathan is a cellist and a gifted musician. Tina is an artist and a professional dancer. Years ago they moved to Bali. Christen when and spent a couple of weeks with them during her Senior year of high school. Jonathan and Tina work in cultural arts exchange in their adopted country. This eventually led Tina to the infamous Kerobokan prison. There Tina teaches and mentors prisoners to help them develop their gifts as they express themselves through art, giving them hope and helping them feel acknowledged by the outside. That is how Tina came to know and be friends with SiYi Chin, the creator of Mule Jewels. Mule Jewels provides inmates with what they need to live and carve out a future for themselves. Their tag line is, “your fate, you decision.”

We are so pleased to bring you some of the creations made by “Mule Jewels.” Each piece is made of sterling silver or sterling silver overlaid with brass. We know you will fall in love with the earrings we are bringing to you for our initial introduction.

Be watching! We are working with Mule Jewels to have our own designs created!

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