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Everyone can help us make a difference.

When given the opportunity, I will TALK and TALK A LOT about Threads by Nomad. I was visiting with a new friend at an event a couple of weeks ago and she was intrigued by Threads and asked for a card which I happily supplied! Then she looked us up on her phone. She slid the card back to me saying, “I am a Goodwill girl. My husband is a farmer. I can’t afford clothes like this.” I told her to keep the card and share our story with someone else. I get it. I REALLY do. After all, I am a minister. Over the years my higher-end pieces of clothing have been given to me by my mother-in-law or my daughter. I had the honor of making not only Christen’s wedding dress but my daughter-in-law’s as well. The same new friend said when she found out, “Wow, you must have saved a lot of money!” Well, actually not at all. When you invest in fine fabrics, it will cost. Just the fabric cost more than a dress at a popular retail bridal store. If you were to add the number of hours spent creating, their dresses were in line with the price tags of designer dresses. Threads by Nomad is high end. We know that. We choose fine fabrics and we put the finest craftsmanship into our work. We pay our staff who are refugees a living wage that is in line with their skills. When you purchase from Threads by Nomad you purchase not just a garment. You purchase a creation and your purchase has a purpose. You help us provide a sustainable living for our staff and micro-enterprise employment for artisans over seas.

Not everyone can or desires to purchase a garment. But everyone can help us make a difference! We now have a way you can donate to Threads by Nomad. Donors can invest in Threads and help us help others. Simply go to our contact page and click on "donate." Your gift will contribute toward our own celebration of diversity through design. Thank you in advance for choosing Threads by Nomad. Note: Donations to Threads by Nomad are gifts. They are not tax deductible.

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