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Welcoming Rodolphe

There are just some days you know a difference has been made in someone’s life. When Rodolphe first interviewed, he was skeptical. He admitted our work was first class. However, his short experience here in the US said that you can’t trust an employer. In his previous job he had been promised full time work only to be turned away time and again. He had been promised to have better hours only to see that nothing was done. And in his own words he wanted to work in something that was meaningful. He told me about how his family all worked as tailors in Africa. He was anxious to return to that work. I explained that right now all we could offer was helping us with our dolls and a couple of other creations, but our desire was to see him and his family settled, happy, and fulfilled in their work.

After watching Haydar on one doll, Rodolphe made the next one. He walked in the office and asked me, “What is her name? What is her story?” I told him he could have the pleasure of naming her. Wistfully, he talked about different people groups in his country and how her skin color resembled one group in particular. He named her “Fatuma.” (Be watching for Fatuma to show up on our website soon!)

Rodolphe returned today. He went straight to work. Not long after he arrived I showed him all the welcome messages from our followers. (We put out a request for welcoming messages on Facebook and Instagram and the response was overwhelmingly positive!) He was stunned. He just kept looking at the computer. I told him people were happy to have him on our team and wanted him to succeed at Threads by Nomad. The rest of the day, there was something different about Rodolphe. He smiled. He joked. He and Haydar exchanged phone numbers. When I gave Rodolphe a key to the office before I left so he could work while I am away, a slow smile crossed his face. Rodolphe seemed to finally understand, we are all welcoming him to the team.

Thank you to all of you who sent Rodolphe these messages. You made a difference.

cadams13Rodolphe - here is a {{{BIG HUG}}}! Welcome to the United States 🇺🇸! I know you will love being at 'Threads'. Nell Green has a passionate heart that she generously shares with everyone she meets. ️ I am proud to call her friend bespoke_and_beloved Welcome! megrichhh Welcome to the US! We are so happy you're here! ckd712 Welcome to the United States, Rodolphe!! 🇺🇸 ejonesb Welcome, Roldophe!!! So glad to have you be a part of our community! kellydamboise Welcome Rodolphe! The US is so lucky to have you here. kenzieskyborg So cool to continue your family's work! Welcome Rodolphe! Sending love to you and your family! lindsayhowell Welcome to @threadsbynomad and the ! Thank you for being apart of my friend's wonderful company! kat_zajac_wellness Welcome Rodolphe! The dolls are such beautiful work and I need to get one for my daughter!! catrinamomo Sending welcoming hugs to you and may you see the warmth and caring that most Americans share. rmhartnett Rodolphe, I am so happy to have you here in the United States! I have a special place in my heart for anyone from Congo. I was blessed to visit there on a mission trip last summer. You are welcome here️ marysuegrace Thank you for sharing your craft with us! I'm so glad you are here. maria.elizabeth.art Rodolphe thank you so much for coming to the states and supporting our community with your craft. ️🏻 We welcome you with open arms! Elizabeth Trent Welcome, Rodolphe! We are so glad you are here, and you couldn't have found a better place than Threads by Nomad to land! Jessica Hagens-Jordan Welcome Rodolphe! We are happy to have you. I am sure you will enjoy your work at Threads by Nomad, they are an amazing group of individuals! Lesley H McGrew Welcome Rodolphe! I hope you will feel safe and happy in the U.S., and I am certain Threads by Nomad is lucky to have you as part of their team! Cheri Lemieux Spiegel Welcome, welcome, Rodolphe! Pamela Scott Roberts Welcome! You are with the most amazing people! Can't wait to read all the posts on your success! Shannon Scruggs Campagna Welcome! Ruth Barzel Welcome Rodolphe! And yay Threads by Nomad! Tomi Moore-Grover Rodolphe, welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work and the new stories of the dolls! Sally Budd Welcome Rodolphe! We look forward to seeing your beautiful contributions to Threads by Nomad! Julie Hassett Rodolphe never give up! You are an inspiration!! Stacy Hollingsworth So glad to meet you rodolphe and welcome. Lynn Wood Hutchinson Bienvenue en Amérique, Rodolphe! Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès dans votre nouveau travail.See Translation Karin 'Dillner' Mahoney A very warm welcome, Rodolphe! All your talents aside, how do you look so good after having eight children!?? Share your secrets, please! :) Ruth Campbell Hi, Rodolphe! Blessings and welcome! Rob Garrett Welcome to your new home country. Bless you and the work you are doing. Susan Downs Welcome Rodolphe! I know you will enjoy working with this company! I am glad you found each other!! Debby Taylor Welcome Rudolphe! Thanks for sharing your skills and abilities with Threads by Nomad. SaraLeon Boone Welcome Rodolphe Terry Whatley Peacock Welcome Rodolphe,looking forward to seeing your work! Hope you enjoy our crazy country Dianne Forry Welcome, Rodolphe, and may you find your new home to be a place of hope and peace. Jimmy Allen Welcome, Rodolphe!

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