New Product: The Crochet Shell

This piece is the result of a collaborative design effort and a desire to provide more work to our embroiderer, Atia. The entire shell is handmade of fine silk gray yarn. We recommend wearing it over our black cotton tank or gray silk tank for maximum effect.

Atia was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was there that she learned embroidery and crochet from a friend at the age of 33. Atia moved to the United States in 2015. When we asked her what brought her to the U.S., she told us that it was because her country had very bad fighting. Atia now lives in Houston with her husband of twenty-one years and six children--two boys and four girls including a newborn! She tells us that she wakes up every morning at 7AM to work and provide for her family.

Sizing on this item is tough because of the amount of yarn and time that goes into making it. We are happy to customize a crochet shell for you based on your own measurements. To do so, email us at and we'll fill you in on the process and provide you with a quote. Otherwise, you can purchase our new crochet shell right here.

A shout out to The Shoe Hive (127 S. Fairfax) and The Hive (301 Cameron) in Alexandria, VA for providing the items to complete the looks in these photographs--pants, accessories, and shoes!

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