Creating and Recreating

We hope you enjoyed yesterday's blog post about the many ways you can wear the skirt from our summer line. Unfortunately, we have hit a glitch with that series of posts. Be watching for similar posts later in the summer. Meanwhile, if you have purchased a piece and want some advice on how to wear it, please reach out to us at and we are happy to provide personalized styling recommendations. I enjoy weddings! One of my favorite things to do is look around and get ideas whether it is the décor or the dress, or the bridal party ensembles. I often wonder, “What do people do with the bridesmaid dress after the event?” Without a doubt many of them eventually end up at a donation center. I attended a wedding this past weekend. The dresses were lovely, but the creativity in me immediately started taking the dress apart and re-creating it so that it can be repurposed and enjoyed on other occasions. The mother of one of the bridesmaids was sitting beside me and said, “I wonder what I could do to take this dress and make it into a prom dress for my younger daughter?” We began re-imagining the hem line, the shoulders, perhaps the waist line, etc. Did you know that Threads by Nomad does not just create, but also re-creates? I am the first to admit that we have an amazing man on our team, Haydar Alasade. I have as yet to find something he cannot make. Our friend Laquita Wynn had a fox and mink fur given to her by her late husband in the '80s. Besides being outdated, she did not need a coat like that in the Texas city where she lives. Haydar was not deterred. We took her coat and made two vests: a fox fur and white leather vest and a mink vest.

Laquita had difficulty wrapping her mind around the possibilities. So we went around to a few shops and looked at a variety of faux fur vests. When she came across a couple she really liked we drew designs. Finding the leather for one of the vests was a bit of a challenge, but we found a leather company here in Houston that specialized in leather for clothing. The results of the two vests were stunning. My friend’s husband had her name embroidered on the lining of the coat in her handwriting. We were able to repurpose the lining and save that special touch from her late husband.

If you are like me, you do not change wardrobes each season or even each year. I have pieces that I have worn – literally – for over 30 years, since before Christen was born! Sometimes they just need some adjusting to bring them up to date and to make them go even longer. Sometimes they need a whole new makeover. What is hanging in your closet that you just cannot bear to part with, but would like more use out of? Give us a call or drop us a line and we will help you re-create!

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