Meet Narmin from Azerbaijan

Narmin was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved first to the United Kingdom for 2.5 years before finally traveling to the United States just a few weeks after 9/11. As Narmin explains, it was a difficult time but she moved here to be with her "wonderful, fun and handsome husband," Ken. "We are a perfect match. He is an engineer, musician and pilot. And I am an artist who has many ideas in need of encouragement and direction!" She enjoys living here. When asked what she likes the most, she replies: "Everything! The people, the culture, and most importantly the equal opportunities this amazing country offers for all people regardless of age, race, or background." Still, she misses her home--the food, her family and her beloved city Baku and the Caspian sea.

Narmin works on the Threads by Nomad team as a contributing artist; she paints one-of-a-kind silk scarves and collaborates with Nell and Christen on the designs. "I want to empower and adorn women. I am blessed to collaborate with Threads by Nomad as a designer of wearable art but most importantly as a person who believes in their vision to employ refugees with dignity."

Narmin leaned her craft--including classical art and fashion design--at the Azerbaijani State University of Culture and Art where she studied for six years. From the time she was 14 years old, she attended a private art studio where her mentor and teacher Arif Aziz prepped her for the Art Institute. It was only when she moved to the United States, however, that she taught herself how to work with silks and found her niche.

Beyond her remarkable artistic talents, Narmin speaks three languages and often sings at church accompanied by her husband on the guitar. She loves dance, Middle Eastern food, and to "help people in a meaningful, dignified way, like being a part of Threads by Nomad." Something else that might surprise people about her? Along with her Azerbaijani friend Tarana Lindsay, she co-hosts a television show called "Sweet Conversations" wherein she and Tarana share about their own experiences and their faith through art. When asked about her family, she hesitates; she has many families now. Her family in Azerbaijan is big, loud and very close--not dissimilar to the family portrayed in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She has stayed close to her two sisters despite the distance. Her American family includes her husband, Ken, of course and her niece Marjan who lives with her. Then there's Ken's family and her church family that has "loved, supported and held me close...through all the years I have been here."

Narmin's first design for Threads by Nomad is now available for purchase. You can shop the scarf here. ​

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