The First Threads by Nomad Scarf!

Our hopes were to get our scarf launched before Christmas, but the logistics were just too complicated. Then I was supposed to launch this scarf on our website just after the new year, but I got sick. Once I was finally better, it was too cold to ask any model to stand outside long enough to get it photographed, and then I had to travel for work. So, to say I am relieved and excited to finally be listing our first scarf for sale on our website is a major understatement!

Our scarf is 100% silk and is hand-painted by Azerbaijani artist Narmin Backus. Measuring 22 x 90 inches, we opted for a larger size scarf so it can be wrapped and worn in many different ways. The lightweight silk, however, makes it easily worn year-round.

The design is the result of collaborative efforts between Narmin and the Threads by Nomad team, but Narmin's talent is exceptional. Throughout the design process, her ability to translate our vision to something concrete--what essentially amounts to wearable art--was astounding.

When asked to describe the design process, Narmin explains that she sketches out the basic shapes of the design on the scarf while it is stretched taught. Then the design's primary colors are applied in layers. Each layer must dry first before the next one can be applied. Once the design is complete, the colors are "set" and each scarf is hand washed and ironed.

Only ten of these scarves were made, and every single one is handpainted. That means that each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. It is now FINALLY listed on our website and ready for purchase here.

And to learn more about Narmin, her family and her art, take a look at our latest blog post right here.

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