Reflections on International Women's Day

I have gone pretty much non stop from the very moment my week began yesterday. I am tired, but I am deeply satisfied and joyful as I reflect on my days. At first I didn’t really know why. It seemed an ordinary couple of days. Then as I FaceTimed with my son and grandson tonight, I had reason to recall why there is joy and satisfaction. Because from the moment I woke until the moment I stopped for the past two days, I have been engaged in one way or another with women who have made a difference in my life, have helped me to become who I need to be, or who offered me the opportunity to grow and learn.

It was simple. I told my son about a new children’s book series a friend of mine has written. Check it out. It is by Saadia Faruqi and it is about a little girl named Yasmin. I told my son that I wanted to give some of the books to my granddaughter Ava for Easter. Brandon said, “Mom, could you give some to Jack as well. It is important for Ava to know that girls can grow to become whatever they desire but Jack needs to know this about girls as well.” Ah, indeed!

International Women’s Day is Friday. It is not a day very well marked in our American society. Yet it is like Mother’s Day to women in other countries. For me it is the day I take time to reflect on the women who have made a difference in my life. I take time to reflect on their strength, their giftedness, their intelligence, their courage. I am going to miss someone I am certain but for this International Women’s Day I want to say thank you to some women who have made me more of who I am today…

My daughter…Thank you for loving me, stretching me, encouraging me, believing in me, challenging me, forgiving me, working with me, dreaming with me, talking with me, laughing with me, crying with me, experiencing life with me, trusting me—the list is endless.

The women who pray with me regularly. Very simply, without you my faith would not be where it is today.

The women who have known me my entire life and are willing to study with me, help me in the endeavors that God has put before me, rejoice with me, cry with me, rally to my side, accept me, help me, refrain from judging me,

The women I have come to know in the past two years who have coached me in becoming an entrepreneur, in being willing to take risks, in rising to new challenges, in dreaming even bigger dreams. Women Helping Women 2 Network I am forever grateful.

The women who have ministered beside me in France, in Senegal, in Miami, in Belgium, on the East Coast and in Texas. Without you I would never have realized my potential as a woman in ministry. Without you I will not be able to rise to the fullness of that potential.

The women my children call Grandmother, TaTa or Aunt. Most of you are not related by blood, but you have invested in our lives as family. You have shared life with us—with them. Literally my children can be anywhere in the world and find family. What a gift!

To the women who have participated in the ministry that has been entrusted to me. Your fortitude, courage, perseverance, ingenuity, gifts, intelligence, faithfulness—all you are inspires me and challenges me.

There is more than one of you that fit in multiple groups. That means my gratitude goes that much deeper!

This International Women’s Day, I am profoundly grateful for these influential women in my life. I am deeply satisfied and joyful.

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