#RefugeesWelcome Tees, Now for Sale

As I've mentioned previously, this particular project was held on the back burner for a while. Other, more pressing items kept getting in the way. And yet it remained important to us. It seemed like a simple way to accomplish several goals: (1) to state publicly that we welcome refugees to the United States of America and understand that we are better people and a better nation when we do; (2) to offer a product to customers who support these same values but might not be as attracted to our aesthetic and designs; (3) and to provide an additional product option for men for which we get frequent requests.

We did our research and came across a couple of fair trade suppliers overseas. To be honest though, we couldn't find a company that could work quickly and offer us a small enough quantity without substantially driving up the price. We would have had to order in bulk which we just don't have the means to do at this time.

Thankfully, Mom has made some really strong connections in Houston through a women's networking group. She reached out to a member and leader of the group, Vicki Wallace, whose business works to meet the printed and promotional needs of its customers. It was so very easy to work with her! She sent us style and color options, worked with us to find a price point we could afford, and we got to collaborate with another woman-owned small business in the area! (Plus, we are pleased to note that the company behind the t-shirts is socially and environmentally responsible!)

(Yep! That's Vicki!)

The t-shirts are 100% cotton. The gray v-neck women's style is a slightly looser, softer fit while the unisex black crew neck has a touch more weight and shape to it.

This run of t-shirts is a test. We haven't done anything like this before and don't really know how our customers will respond. If these sell well, we will restock with additional size ranges and styles. So, let us know what you think! You can shop both styles right here.

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