Baskets & Bags

This may sound obnoxious, but I've decided I don't care. I LOVE what we have for sale right now. Our sweaters are soft. Our clutches are...clutch. (See what I did there?) Our scarves are beautiful AND wearable.

When Mom shipped all of our stock to Alexandria for our Spring Style Celebration event, it was the first time I had seen many of our designs in person since our studio is in Houston. After two weeks of prepping, steaming, displaying, selling, and packing up, I can honestly say I love absolutely everything about every thing. I had to send it all back today, but not before I snapped some new photos of our baskets. And because I love a good alliteration, I thought I'd sneak a few pics of our bags in, too! Baskets and bags!

Our baskets are fair trade certified and hand woven in the Kavango region of Namibia. They are crafted from palm shoots and local grasses, plant dyed using exquisite traditional designs. Each one is unique.

Because each is unique in size and design, they are listed individually on our website. In the description of each basket, you will find the name of the Namibian artisan who made it. The purchase of a basket helps create sustainable income for the artisans directly and also provides funds to educate at-risk girls.

PS. To protect the beauty of your basket, keep from direct sunlight.

PPS. How cool are our clutches?? You can buy those here.

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