A Love Note to Threads

I first met Christen when she was managing a lovely shoe boutique in Old Town, Alexandria and continued shopping with her when she began expanding the boutique into clothing and accessories. Her taste is, to say the least, extraordinary. As is her ability to understand the style and needs of her clients. Her thumbprint is firmly on my wardrobe and I have been very grateful for it. You see, she took me from sufficiently putting together a functional, comfortable, versatile wardrobe to top notch. I can now do much more with less because of her influence: quality pieces that work beautifully together and dressed up or down! Now, HOW can you go wrong with that??

When Christen and Nell launched Threads, I was so excited for them. What an opportunity to create beautiful clothing and accessories while doing amazing things for people who needed it the most! If Christen’s style and taste was being showcased, I wanted in. They did not disappoint. The quality of the clothing is exceptional, the designs and fabrics creative and eye-catching, the pieces COMFORTABLE and versatile.

I have worn my favorite Autumn Leaf jacket to dinner and movies and farmers market over a white T shirt. I have worn my favorite chicken pants with flip flops and tank tops to outdoor wine tastings, then dressed it up for dinner with booties and a silk blouse and blazer. My amazing newest skirt, the blue cotton skirt, has been happily worn to business meetings, dinner, church, parties. With every outing being stopped along the way by countless people who have complimented my outfit and wanted to know WHERE I had found the clothing.

Thanks Christen and Nell for all of the hard work and all of the good that you do, and all of the fabulous taste, creativity, and love that you put into Threads by Nomad. There is no mistaking, I love you guys and the beautiful clothing that you create!!

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