Ways to Wear: The Cardigan Sweater #3

What a weird and wonderful weekend it was.

David (my husband) was away. I attempted to balance two dogs, a day job, a two-day Threads event, brunch guests and more, mostly without electricity while the wind whipped our world into an extended blackout. Weird.

But the Threads event was our most fun ever. Yes, sales were encouraging but the synergy amongst the participants and the excitement of our guests made it feel as if the wind had carried with it something truly special. Wonderful.

Anyway, I'm not left with much merchandise but I do have a few of these cardigan sweaters left. I have to send them back to our studio in Houston on Friday morning. If you live in or around Alexandria and couldn't pay us a visit this past weekend but would like to see what we have in person, send us an email at support@threadsbynomad.com.

I have one final sweater post scheduled for tomorrow and then I will be moving on in preparation for our spring collection launch involving fabrics from Guatemala and Bali! But trust me, photographic evidence or not, I will continue wearing our sweaters as long as the weather permits! I can't get enough of them!

Not in Alexandria? You can shop this sweater style right here.

Is it weird that I am kind of obsessed with this last image? I want to blow it up and frame it... Weird and wonderful.

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