Ways to Wear: The Cropped Sweater #1

When someone as stylish as my friend Ruth Barzel suggests a sweater style because she "can't find it anywhere," you don't ask questions. You make the sweater and trust that it will be as cool as she is. That's what happened here. Ruth wanted a cropped-ish sweater to wear with high-waisted pants, one that wasn't fitted but wasn't boxy either. She asked and we delivered! Here she is wearing the sweater in navy yesterday:

(Note: I am wearing the long cardigan and will feature this outfit again in an upcoming post! This is also a great indication of the color difference between the gray and the navy. The dark navy is a true dark navy!)

Ruth styled her cropped sweater with culottes and flat mules. I took a similar approach in proportions (volume on bottom and flat shoes) even though the pieces are technically different; I opted for a gold lame pleated skirt and sneakers.

I am really loving grey and gold as a color combination for winter this year. But one of the great things about this sweater in particular is that it transitions really well into even late spring (depending on where you live, I suppose).

Shop the cropped sweater here and let me know how you style it when you wear it!

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