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Help Atia Find a Car

Atia was the very first person we spoke to about possibly coming to work for Threads by Nomad. She spoke no English. She is from Afghanistan and shares a language and some cultural distinctions with my Persian friends. The day she came to the house to show me her work, it became obvious that I had a lot to learn about how to interview someone who spoke no English and how to express what I was looking for. So we started over.

I learned that Atia is an expert at embroidery. She is amazing and fast when it comes to making pillows of all sorts for the home. She is a true artist in crochet. The first work we gave Atia was our labels. I really wanted something different from the usual mass produced labels. Each garment from Threads by Nomad now has a hand-embroidered label from Atia. Do you have one of our mudcloth pillows? Atia’s creation! And if you don’t have it already, you would love having the crochet shell she has crafted for Threads by Nomad. When we were preparing for Harvey I explained to Atia and her daughter what they needed to do. Having never experienced a hurricane or massive flooding, they had a hard time understanding. As the waters began to rise around their apartment complex, so did their anxiety. They live on the second floor. The water reached the top of their balcony rail, almost half way up their glass door entrance.

It took a while but we were able to reach 911 for them. Though we were scared for them for some time, they did eventually get rescued and made their way to safety. However, they lost both cars that the family depended on to get to work. We have done our best at Threads by Nomad to keep our employees busy and working regardless of this storm that is estimated to be one of the costliest weather disasters in US history. It has been a struggle. We have become more than just a team. We have become family. That is why we would like to help Atia replace the vehicle that she and her daughter used to get to work and around town. We have secured a donation of a $400 deposit. We are looking for a reliable used vehicle (outside flood zones!) that someone would be willing to owner finance for $200-$300/month. Do you have a decent vehicle that you could let go of or know someone who does? We would love to hear from you if you do!

With gratitude, Nell

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