Our Fall 2017 collection is live!

Well, it took literally dozens of people, two photo shoots, and fabric sourced from three continents. We worked until super late last night to get all the new Fall 2017 pieces up on our website and then woke up early this morning to write you this message and set up the social media launch. Despite carefully laid plans, it all came together at the last minute. It always does. But it's here; our Fall 2017 Togo & Thailand collection is shoppable on our website and more than ever your purchase matters.

We are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and helping our staff members do the same. Yes, homes were flooded. But an equally disastrous effect of the hurricane is the loss of vehicles for refugees, immigrants, and the poor. Traveling around Houston requires a car. Without a car, hourly workers are struggling to get to their place of employment or find another place of employment if they've already lost their job. (Many have.) Many of these men and women couldn't afford insurance that would cover this type of situation to begin with. We have heard the same story over and over and over again. It breaks our hearts but it has also renewed our commitment to staying open and hopefully to continue expanding our team. Right now, we are relying entirely on online sales as all but one of our September events have been postponed or canceled. If there is a piece you love in this collection, please place an order online. Nope, I'm not above begging. I love the people who work with us and would do anything for them. We will correct the fit or swap the size of your purchase if necessary; you can even include your measurements in the notes prior to checking out so we can custom fit it to you. Your purchase really can make a difference. All of that aside, we are really excited about how this collection turned out. We hope you are as enamored with these pieces as we are! Look for more information about the fabrics, the people that designed and made them for us, the countries they came from and all the other important details over the next few days. We love you all. Thank you for making what we do possible.

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