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What does it mean, “Celebrating diversity through design?”

Well, I am done! No more posts about the book “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright. I finished it yesterday. It was very encouraging in that most of what she presents we had already addressed in our business plan or had fleshed out in the initial months. There were many moments however when I reflected on why we are doing what we are doing, what are we offering our clients that is different, what do we love about our mission, and how do we serve others. For me it came down to our tag line, “Celebrating diversity through design.”

My husband and I frequently remark on how miraculous it seems to us that two small town kids were able to travel as we have and count as friends so many folks from different countries, languages, and backgrounds. Our lives have been richer for the relationships and experiences. Threads by Nomad was born out of that sense of deep appreciation for the influence these people have been in our lives. So here are five ways Threads by Nomad celebrates diversity through design and how you our clients join us in that celebration. 1. In sourcing fabrics from different countries, we celebrate the unique patterns, motifs, processes, weaves, and more that goes into the creation of the fabric. It may be a Thai silk or a handwoven band of cloth from Africa or a silky soft cotton block pattern from India. The work, the creativity, the distinctive character are celebrated with each of our creations. 2. In creating garments inspired by fashion from around the world and using a mix of fabrics from various countries to create these garments, our garments send a message of appreciation to the beholder. The message says, “Different is beautiful. Different is fun. Different is confident.” 3. In choosing to hire refugees here in the United States, our clothing declares that each member of the community has something to offer. No matter the country of origin or the language spoken every person is gifted in one way or another. We celebrate that giftedness and offer the opportunity for each client to celebrate with us. 4. In providing micro-enterprise opportunities for artisans overseas, our company embraces how small our world has become. Now art and talent that was once far removed from us is celebrated in our homes and in our communities. We become a window to the world. 5. In consciously creating designs that celebrate diversity, we offer an opportunity for each person wearing our garments to declare among their circles of influence, “It is not me or you; it is me and you.” Thank you for being a part of Threads by Nomad and celebrating diversity through design!

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