Salon Arlington: An Invitation

This coming Saturday evening, I have been invited to speak and present on behalf of Threads by Nomad at a rather cool event--Salon Arlington.

Salon Arlington is an event (in Arlington, VA) where local artists are asked to display their work in an informal, intimate setting and to give a brief talk on whatever they feel will help the audience understand their process, the influences that have guided them, why they do what they do, how they got started, what they do with the art (sell, hobby, etc) or anything else they want to talk about. I haven't even started to prepare my presentation--it's time I give it some thought, I suppose!

The event is held at Village Sweet Bakery located in the Westover neighborhood of Arlington, VA.

Audience members are limited to 30 participants who purchase tickets to experience art, connect with others, have a drink and indulge in a few baked goods provided by the host.

In thinking about the "spin" I am going to take, I have decided I want to tell the stories of those who are helping us make Threads by Nomad happen. I hope this will help the audience better understand who we are and what we do. I have a flair for the dramatic, so I'm hoping I can make it captivating for those who attend.

Speaking of those who attend, that could be you! If you live in the Alexandria/Washington, DC area (or I suppose even if you don't), I would really love to see familiar faces there. I don't know which other artists will be presenting but past participants include visual artists, musicians, jewelry designers/makers, a comedian, an author, and paper cutters. Each Salon features four artists and the event runs 3 hours on a Saturday evening (6:30 – 9:30pm).

The salon is a rather "undercover, undiscovered" event, and to purchase tickets virtually you must reach out to From what I understand, the event makes a great date night or girls night out. I would love to have you there, and if you haven't already seen the collection in person this is your chance. I will have all of my samples there including a few of our new giftable items and an iPad just in case you want to make a purchase!

Even if you can't make it this weekend but live in the area, follow Salon Arlington on Facebook. I look forward to attending next month just for fun!

UPDATE: I don't know if it was fatigue or haste, but I failed to mention a really important thing about Salon Arlington. I DO know one of the artists who will be presenting and Threads by Nomad wouldn't have this opportunity if it were not for her recommendation. Local jewelry designer and friend, Ruth Barzel, will be at the salon too! In fact, I will be wearing her creations and she has agreed to wear mine! Thank you, Ruth, for thinking of and recommending Threads by Nomad!

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