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Lost and Found

I am not sure where to start on a post like this? Do you start with the friend who has been a shopping partner for more than 20 years? Many of those shopping expeditions were in search of the just-right elegant piece for her--a woman married to a man in the corporate world--and for me, a minister who loves fashion and needs clothes to preach in that are modern but appropriate! We had some great times shopping together!

Do you start with the daughter who loves fashion too and spent hours combing through your closet and her grandmother’s closet for vintage things that she would then wear paired with modern pieces? Or when she pulled something from your closet and said, “No, Mom, this is out! But if you did this…,” and offered ideas on how to update it and make it new and wearable again?

(That happens to be my friend AND my daughter!)

Do you start with when you told your daughter that Goodwill has a lot to offer and that we should have a look? On the day of my mother’s funeral, after all was over, we needed some emotional relief. I took her to Goodwill and she totally scored some awesome sandals at $2 that she wore for years!!! It's a memory neither one of us will ever forget.

Do you start with the pieces you are holding onto, pieces you completely love (I have several pieces more than 30 years old) but that you simply cannot part with? Your head says part with it, but your heart says no.

Well, welcome to Threads by Nomad “Lost and Found.” No, this is not a new thing. Sis (Christen) and I have talked about it from the beginning. We both love getting years and years out of the pieces we enjoy even if they go out of style. What does that mean? A little tweaking here and there. Sometimes we remove the sleeves, making a jacket into a vest. Or we cut off several inches of fabric at the hemline, or add even more fabric in other cases! Other time we take it completely apart and start all over.

We decided when we first dreamt of Threads by Nomad we would find a way to resell items (clothing, accessories, and even home goods) we fall in love with during our international travels or local vintage hunts. We might sell them as is, or they might need a little TLC. And in some cases, we are open to helping others rediscover pieces they thought were lost, pieces they once loved but no longer wore.

Well, we now have our first "lost and found" pieces!

My dear friend and shopping partner--the one I mentioned earlier--has a fox/mink fur coat from the early '80s. Her late husband purchased it for her as a thank you gift for the hours she spent typing and editing his thesis! She LOVES it! But it is definitely outdated and she never wears it. Solution? Not one but two vests with leather details! Hayder has already started working on this project.

Then, not long after the arrival of the first fur, another (faux) fur coat and a mink stole made their way to Threads by Nomad, too! The request? Be creative! Oh my! I can’t wait to see how this will unfold!

P.S. We'll be getting the Lost and Found and gifts sections up on our website as soon as possible. Our priority is to launch the gifts just before Thanksgiving so you have plenty of time to stock up in time for the holidays. As always, we will keep you posted! If you want help remaking something you love but don't wear, please email us at support@threadsbynomad.com.

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