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Nomad Styles: The Cotton Coat

The Cotton Coat is the first piece I sat down and designed. The panel of mud cloth on the back morphed from a square in my initial design to a wide, rectangular strip and trim in the final interpretation. Nonetheless, this statement piece is the one I had pictured and dreamt of many times before, the piece I had always wanted to own but could never find.

The coat is lightweight and roomy with an understated cocoon shape. There is no shoulder seam to improve fit and add comfort. When we were finalizing the patterns, Mom called and asked me which way I wanted the leaf print to point. Admittedly, I thought her question was a silly one at first and told her the leaves were meant to point up...obviously. She gently cautioned me though that if the leaves on the coat pointed up the wider part of the leaf might emphasize the width of the woman wearing it, making her appear wider than she actually is. It only took a second for me to realize she was right. Prints can create optical illusions--illusions that can be slimming but also ones that do a disservice to their wearer. The direction of this particular print could completely change the appeal of the coat. I quickly agreed the leaves on the coat should point down.

Note, however, we positioned the print differently for the skirt I styled for a blog post published yesterday. Since the skirt is worn from the waist down, we wanted the narrowest part of the leaves to mirror the flattering shape of the skirt. So many little things--questions, conversations, and decisions--went into the creation of our collection. Nothing was left untouched; we want our customers to love their Threads by Nomad creations!

Interested in pre-ordering The Cotton Coat? You can do so here. Not sure what size to order? Don't fret! When you pre-order a piece on Kickstarter you won't need to select a size. Once our campaign is over, we will reach out to every one of you to provide sizing measurements and ensure your purchased piece is perfect. There are only 5 more days to order!

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