We're going places! (like, literally)

One of my favorite signs that things are beginning to open back up is that I now once again need clutches and bags... because I'm going places!⁠⁠

To dinner, to meet a friend for a drink. I'm even doing a little travel!⁠⁠

So to celebrate the fact that we are now going places we wanted to showcase our fave bags from our current collection.⁠ and where we might want to take them!

The Lisette Clutch, $135 | Handmade in Madagascar
I actually brought this bag with me on a date night with my husband for oysters with a view of the water a couple of months ago. Highly recommend! (Also available in natural)

The Reversible Tote, $54 | Handmade in Houston, TX
One of the first public places I started going regularly in early spring was the farmers market. I needed an excursion and the fresh produce and fresh air gave me hope. Our reversible tote is the perfect shape and size to load upon all of the fruits and veggies!

The Cyprus Tote, $155 | Handmade in Madagascar
I am planning for a couple of days at the beach at the end of July and there will be a boat excursion involved. This practical yet beautiful bag will have the privilege of joining me! (Also available in coral)

Woven Tote: Tan & Natural, $65 | Handmade in Kenya
My first opportunity for real travel was to spend a long weekend with a friend in New York City. As one does there, we walked a lot and I was very grateful for my crossbody bag for easy...toting! (Pun intended.)

The Kyle Pouch, $28 | Handmade in Madagascar
If you know me, then you will be unsurprised to learn that I've been spending every free minute by our neighborhood pool. When I do, I also bring a small pouch for my keys, pool pass, wallet, etc. These woven pouches are the perfect size and easily double as a clutch! (Available in many colors)

These are just a few of the bag styles we have in stock right now. I failed to introduce you to the Carolina Tote, or the Portland Shoulder Bag, my favorite the Sasha clutch, or even the overnight bag from Kenya.

Wherever you're going this summer, whether it's on an exciting week-long trip or an equally exciting long browse at a bookstore, take Threads by Nomad with you!

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