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Thoughtfulness & Responsibility at the Holidays

I have to admit that I struggle with the necessity of participating in the consumerism that is characteristic of this time of year—especially this weekend.

Personally, I want all of us to think twice before buying more "stuff" for people. I want global brands to cease overproducing only to be able to offer significant discounts, resulting in massive waste. And instead I want us all to focus on family, friendship, and faith (whatever that looks like for you).

At Threads, we will never overbuy or overproduce just to offer discounts. We will never inflate our margins just to give customers the illusion and thrill of "saving." And we will never promote the thoughtless accumulation of things.

Yet, I own a small retail business. I also believe in the importance of the spirit of generosity that surges at the holidays and I love finding the perfect gift for the individuals on my gift list every year. I have even admittedly made several discounted purchases over this holiday weekend—some for myself, some for others.

So we will neither feign self-righteousness nor entirely opt out of these internet "holidays." We have a business to run and payroll to make, and every purchase makes a significant and positive and human impact locally and globally.

We also are very close to being in the black this year, which is remarkable for a four-year-old business and truly every dollar counts. In addition to getting us on the other side of that line by December 31, I also want to head into 2020 with as little back stock and marked down merchandise as possible.

So, here is what I propose:

When and if you have a quiet moment to yourself today, head over to our website's Shop page and click on the "sale" filter. Everything on that page is eligible for the 40% additional discount using code at checkout.

Don't make an impulse purchase just because the prices are so good. Think about the people on your gift list this year and what would really make them smile.

Buying for yourself? Look for something you will use/wear many times, something you don't already have. If nothing fits those criteria, send us your blessing and know that that is just as meaningful to us.

If you find your cart loaded up with a few items, rest in the knowledge that your purchases are changing the lives of many...including me! I unabashedly love this time of year, but I think it's high time we learn to do it all a little differently. xoxo, Christen

P.S. I wrote this at 3:30 this morning on the road to Alexandria, VA back from South Carolina. Apologies if this doesn't make all the sense I hope it does. There's not enough caffeine in the world for this time of night/morning!

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