Catching Up with Hayder

When Threads by Nomad first launched, we introduced you to each of our teammates through a brief interview. We asked them about themselves, their families, their home countries, and how they were settling into life in the United States.

That was several years ago, however! So, we thought we'd update you on each one of them with an updated interview ... starting with Hayder! (To read his original introduction, click here.)

Nell: How long have you worked with Threads by Nomad?

Hayder: I have worked for Threads by Nomad for three years. N: What do you like best about your work?

H: I like Nell the best! I love Sissi too and Butch is my friend. Every day there are new designs and new work. I like to do new and different things each day. I like change. N: Where are your children now?

H: My youngest Yousef is now seven. He is finishing first grade. He did well. Murthata is now 19. He works at an auto company. He goes to Houston Community College. He wants to be a dentist. Moustapha is 21. He just finished learning English and completed high school. He is planning on going to Houston Community College to study pharmacy. N: Do you live in the same place?

H: We moved to a house. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms so is bigger than our apartment. We have a large yard. I planted tomatoes and corn this year and roses. N: What dreams do you have for your future?

H: I hope to visit my country again. I want my children to finish college. Eventually I want to buy a house of my own. N: What new things are you doing?

H: On Thursdays I have the day off and go to school to learn how to repair computers on big trucks. This will help my future. N: Anything else you want to say?

H: I tell my friends Threads by Nomad buys fabric from many countries and I make clothes. It makes me happy when people buy our clothes and likes them. I love my job.



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