Buying once, Giving twice, Giving thrice

I am part of a women’s networking group, Women Helping Women 2 Network. In the beginning, a group like this was way out of my comfort zone. I did not see myself as having anything to contribute; I had experience in neither business nor sales. These women were way out of my league! And that hasn't changed; they still are very much out of my league. But you would never know it by the way they have nurtured me, taught me, and challenged me!

Today, they challenged me again. It is so uplifting and encouraging to me that they love Threads by Nomad and totally get who we are and what we are about. They challenged me to get that message out there and share it any way I can. They challenged me to be bold and to realize that I am offering an opportunity to those who purchase from us to participate in an amazing work. It was only after starting Threads by Nomad that I began to understand the importance of shopping from small businesses. My daughter/partner had been preaching that to me for years but I simply did not understand it. Now it is crystal clear! When you purchase this holiday season from Threads by Nomad you are supporting a small business that is working to make a difference in the world. Each item you purchase makes it possible for us to keep on keeping on. Buy once. Threads by Nomad gives refugees here in the United States an opportunity to thrive, not just survive. We give them an opportunity to have a career, not just a job. We help them understand the American market and build lives for themselves as they develop entrepreneurial skills. When this happens they become contented and contributing members of our society. Their children grow up feeling secure since they are better provided for, and then are better able to pursue their own future dreams and hopes. Buy once, give twice. Economic stability is one way to help prevent people from beginning a journey on the refugee highway, in other words preventing them from becoming a refugee to being with. We source our fabric from all over the world; we also provide a marketing platform for artisans from other countries. An example of these partnerships is the collection of holiday decor items we offer, all handmade by a women's cooperative in Kyrgyzstan. Investing in these lines of artisanal products not only helps us sustain the business here that helps refugees in the United States, but it also contributes to the economic stability in underdeveloped areas across the globe. Buy once, give twice, give thrice.

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