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An Apparel Affair

My friend Christen is one of the most fashionable and creative people I know. So, a couple of years ago, when she announced that she and her mom were launching Threads by Nomad, I was excited—both because this was something she really wanted to do and because I knew my closet would benefit.

It all began with the silk tank from the debut spring 2017 collection. My style is simple, so I knew I’d wear it a lot, and I have. I love the way it’s cut and the fact that the thick silk doesn’t wrinkle after you’ve been wearing it for 30 seconds, which tends to happen with most silks. This is a piece I’ll keep for decades; it won’t be going out of style any time soon and is so versatile and easy to wear.

I was happy with my first Threads purchase, so why would I stop there? The next collection with its neutral colors and easy, flowing shapes spoke my language. I decided on the dress, and I’m so glad I did! The fabric is unique and gorgeous, and the style is comfortable and flattering. I especially like that the dress is lined, so I never feel self-conscious that it might be clinging to the wrong places. The neckline and sleeves are cut low enough to be cool on hot summer days but high enough so I never feel overexposed. It looks equally great dressed up with a heeled sandal and a light jacket or dressed down with sneakers, flip flops, or Birkenstocks, making it the perfect travel dress.

I liked my silk tank so much that when the silk tee (basically the same as the tank, but with sleeves) came out in fall 2017, I pounced. My tank is navy; this time I went with cream. This simple, elegant piece has become one of my favorite closet staples. Like the tank, the fabric is wrinkle resistant; it has a heavy, luxurious look but feels casual at the same time. I rarely dress up, but I do like to look put together, and the silk tee makes that happen. I especially love it with skinny jeans and often wear it with the Threads cardigan that I bought later (more on that in a minute).

Somewhere in there I snagged one of Threads’ hand-painted silk scarves. These are no longer available, and I’m so lucky I got one. The colors—gray, taupe, and cream are 100% me. This scarf is something I throw on often to add a hint of warmth or effortless style (or both!) to so many outfits.

In late winter 2018, Christen put the word out on social media that Threads was going to launch a knitwear collection, and she asked for ideas. I responded that I’d been looking for a cropped (but not too cropped) sweater that was slim but not tight. I like short sweaters, but everything I found was either too oversized for the look I wanted, or it fit like spandex and exposed my midriff—not a look I’ve ever liked and certainly one I wouldn't think of wearing at this point in my life. I was thrilled when the knitwear line went live—and there was my sweater! Of course I had to order one. The sweater is designed with bell sleeves, but I asked for a custom one to be made for me with bracelet sleeves—my favorite. The sweater arrived amazingly quickly considering that it was a custom order, and it’s just right! It has become my go-to with high-waisted pants, and I also love it over a peplum tee with ripped boyfriend jeans.

I’m a huge sweater fan, and one wasn’t enough. I ended up getting the cardigan in the same fabric as my cropped sweater, and it’s another winner. It’s the perfect light layer to wear when it’s not TOO cold out. I brought it with me on my last out-of-town trip in March and wore it constantly (and got a ton if compliments) I felt extremely cool saying “my friend designed this!” I know it will get a lot of wear this summer, too, when frigid air-conditioning requires that you always have a sweater or jacket with you even when it’s 90-plus degrees and humid outside.

You’d be justified in thinking that I must be about done by now, but not quite. We haven’t talked about Threads’ home accessories yet. Last year, Christen joined me at my holiday open house, and as a thank you, she gave me a Threads’ mudcloth pillow that I’m seriously smitten with (sorry, I think I got the last one). Livening up my basic gray couch with an eclectic selection of pillows is a bit of an obsession with me, and this one fits the mix so well. And when Threads recently came out with striped handmade Guatemalan pillows, I had to have the yellow and white one to add a pop of color. I think my pillow game is now complete—that is, until Threads comes out with another one I can’t resist.

I got a sneak peek at Threads’ new handbag and backpack line when Christen and I did a pop-up event together in April; once those are available on their website, I have a feeling I’ll be hitting “purchase” once again. I clearly love the quality and style of Threads’ products, or this post would be a lot shorter! But there’s another reason I feel good about giving this company my money. Part of Threads’ mission is to hire refugees to create its products, which is a cause close to my heart. My mother was a refugee many decades ago, when she and her family had to start over in a new and unfamiliar country, with a new an unfamiliar language. So I have a small inkling of how difficult that can be, and the knowledge that my dollars are helping to ease this tough transition for someone makes me want to support Threads even more. And, the icing on the cake? My Threads by Nomad clothing all look great with my own jewelry, and my poodle Jackson adores the pillows! xo, Ruth Jewelry in the photos: triple-strand pearl necklace, heavy gold oval link chain necklace, kasumi pearl choker necklace, kasumi pearl chain earrings, dainty cord bracelets, stone bracelets (coming soon).

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