I blame my mother.

I blame my mother. She shouldn't have suggested doing a line of swimsuit cover ups if she didn't want me to submit a super complicated design! All jokes aside, this design proved to be our most challenging yet, but the years taken off our lives were totally worth it! (Hayder and Mom might have another take on it all. Something about how they cried out of relief when I was finally pleased with the pattern after three days of work...) These nylon and silk cover ups are so beautiful! I am just giddy over them! They are also modest, covering all potential areas of concern without making you look like you're trying to hide! That's really important to me. I'm a woman who has hang ups about her appearance (who doesn't?) but who also LOVES to be in the sun wearing as little clothing as possible. This cover up makes me feel beautiful even at my most vulnerable. And I believe it will you, too! It comes in five fabric options and one size fits all.

(We also launched a second, pared down cover up style that is at a slightly lower price point and does not carry quite so much fabric if the dramatic look of the one pictured here is not your jam!) Whether you purchase one for a romantic getaway, an upcoming vacation, or just to wear to your neighborhood pool this summer, I just know you'll feel like your best self wearing one of these designs!

Time for another story: Nearly a decade ago, a neighbor I did not know well picked up on the fact that I spent as much time as humanly possible at our building's pool. One day, she approached me with a pillow...a pool pillow. I was instantly smitten. A pillow covered in terrycloth that could easily be cleaned and to be used at the pool for additional comfort! I used it every time I relaxed outdoors for years until I sadly lost it on a trip. When Mom suggested we design swimsuit cover ups this summer, I remembered my pool pillow and insisted we make one for our customers! (Admittedly, the suggestion was also extremely self-serving!) We streamlined the design: hidden zippers instead of velcro, terrycloth fabric instead of actual towels, and we made them smaller because my old one was so big it was a pain to carry around.

For now, they come in one size (14 x 20) and three colors. But if this catches on the way I hope it does (again, slightly self-serving) we'll come up with additional sizes and colors! Here's to a really stylish summer! SPECIAL DEAL: If you purchase a cover up as well as a pool pillow we will offer you $10 off the pool pillow bringing the price down to just $22! Just use the code SWIM10 at checkout!

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