Find Out Why This Socially Conscious Fashionista Loves Threads by Nomad

I loved Threads by Nomad from the first time I met Nell Green at a Women Helping Women 2 Network coffee clique. She was there to find out how to expand their brand to the Houston market, and I thought this approach to help refugees was brilliant. When I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia a friend of mine helped some refugees there with a similar business to create beautiful, well-made fashion items and charge living wage prices for them. I had bought their products and helped them find more customers, too. When I met Nell, I wanted to do the same thing for this fashion label. The first Threads by Nomad purchase I made was for a gold vest for my Fall 2017 wardrobe. I loved it because it was bold, distinctive, and stunningly beautiful. It makes me feel like a golden goddess. The threads catch the light, and the fabric is very unusual. For such a stiff fabric, it moves with me and is a graceful accent to my wardrobe. I got tons of compliments on the gold vest every time I wore it, so I wanted to buy more unique pieces from their collection. I also get compliments on my white, silk shift dress and the cropped, striped Spring 2018 jacket. For me, shopping this brand has become a seasonal experience to add signature items to my look.

I started wearing Threads by Nomad to all my big events because I know my picture will be taken and shared. Instead of promoting some brand that doesn’t know I exist, why not promote my friend’s label? All my Threads pieces are distinctive conversation points that are also camera-friendly. They’re a fantastic way to stand out for standing for something I believe in, which is helping refugees build dignified lives. Most recently, I stood out in my striped jacket on a panel full of NYC and LA-based literary agents and publishers at Writefest Houston. They were all in black, so I really made a statement, and several people who’ve seen the pictures commented on my lovely jacket. I love the way these clothes hang and how confident I feel in their bold designs. It also makes me happy that when someone asks about my pieces, I can tell them about how they can support refugees and buy beautiful, well-made clothes at the same time.

The best part of modeling for Threads by Nomad was getting to try the pieces together in looks and putting on things I wouldn’t choose for myself. I shy away from palazzo pants, but I totally rocked them in the shoot. They were so comfortable and effortless to wear. All the pieces worked together interchangeably, and it was fun to see how you mix the prints. A few times Nell texted Christen and asked what to do when one garment didn’t fit like we thought it would, and there was always a back-up plan with another piece in the collection.

This brand has become part of my identity. I am a woman who values quality and always likes to have everything well-made, so it will last, so I avoid fads and trends. Threads by Nomad gives me a way to be fashionable, but with garments that aren’t meant to only last one season. Best of all, my purchases give vulnerable newcomers a good start in Houston. That feels good to me.

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