Ways to Wear: The Cardigan Sweater #2

Oh man, it's been a long day. I knew it would be though so I dressed accordingly. I needed a layered outfit that would be incredibly comfortable. So, I wore my favorite jeans, sneakers, a tank, scarf and our beloved cardigan sweater.

Once again, I was reminded of just how much I love this duster. The length, the sleeves, the pockets, the fabric. It's all just so good! Truly, if you only get one of our three new sweaters, it should be this one. It made needing to look presentable on a day when I didn't really

In other news, I'm exhausted and need to eat dinner. It is nothing short of miraculous that I have written this much already. I'll be back again tomorrow with another styled look. But, to summarize, this sweater is the bomb and everyone should own it.

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