Hearth and Home

As I write, the granddog is cuddled on his bed in front of the crackling fire, the grandson is asleep in his crib, and the granddaughter is on her way to MiMamie and Poppy’s. I contemplate that for the first time in years we will have the entire family together for Thanksgiving. Deep contentment washes over me. No, we are not from South Carolina, but it has become hearth and home. That is why we are especially excited to have our second pop up event this coming Tuesday at the Cotton Factory in downtown Rock Hill.

The very few pieces we have left from our first line are 50% off. We have pieces from the India Collection. Of course, we will have our newest line, the Togo & Thai Collection. We were so surprised that all of our merchandise from Kyrgyzstan sold out quickly. Nevertheless we have hand woven baskets they created especially for Threads by Nomad. There is new merchandise some of which has not even made it to our website. We have indigo mud cloth pillows in 2 sizes with our other pillows. Scarves made of hand woven Ethiopian cotton is a new addition especially for our Christmas markets. Did you see the emails about our new coats? We are completely in love with these two new designs! The cloth is made by a fair trade collective in Guatemala. Perhaps you have read about our new apprentice at our Houston studio. Akram has been in the US for a little over 6 months and has been working with Haydar to hone her seamstress skills. Meanwhile we have several of the dolls she has made, each one with a name and story of a child from the country the doll represents. Need a special gift for a special little one? We have boy dolls as well! Besides doing some of your holiday gift shopping, I would love it if you would just drop by to say hello. The last event we had in South Carolina was right after I had had surgeries on my legs and could not make the trip to SC. I would welcome a hug and holiday fun. So come see us at the Cotton Factory on Tuesday! It is good to be home. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

With gratitude, Nell

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