Zuzanna and Lucia

I must admit; the popularity of our dolls took me a bit by surprise. Originally we knew we did not want to waste any of our valuable resources here in the Threads by Nomad studio. Making a doll seemed like a good idea. We did not want just any doll though. We wanted a doll that would celebrate diversity. Using our leftover fabrics from our designs and our mock-ups would help in that direction. It does not celebrate diversity if all the dolls look just alike in skin tone and hair color. So we chose a variety of fabrics for skin tones and felt for the dolls’ hair. Something was still missing though. A story! If each doll was to be completely unique then each one needed her own story. Naming each doll and creating a story for her helps the new friend she goes to live with understand the culture and life of a child in the country represented. Each doll not only celebrates diversity but helps in creating awareness and understanding. For one special doll, however, this was taken to whole new level!

The turnout for our event on April 28th was wonderful. We are so grateful to our hostess, Sandra Hachem and to each person who came. We had one very special guest, Lucia. Lucia came with her mom in the matching dresses Lucia had chosen for them. Mom says Lucia has been a bit of a fashion diva since she could pick out her own clothes! (We know that story, don’t we, Christen Kinard?!) Lucia began to look around and her eyes fell on the dolls sitting on the sofa. Our wonderful artisan, Malikah, asked her if she would like to see them up close. Off they went. A short while later, Lucia returns with a doll in her hand. Malikah explains that as soon as Lucia saw this particular doll, she insisted this was her doll!

Her mom verified that indeed this is what Lucia wanted. I explained that each doll has a country they represent, a name, and a story. “What country does this doll represent?” she asked. When I replied, "Poland!" her eyes became wide and she teared up. “Really?!?! I can’t believe she chose this doll of all the dolls!” Malikah insisted Lucia was very decisive that this was the doll for her. Lucia had unknowingly chosen the only doll we have had from Poland and her father is from Poland.

The story doesn’t end there. When mom opened the card to read the name and story, she again was overcome. The doll’s name is Zuzanna which means “lily.” The story is about a fairy tale enacted out every year in a Polish town about a girl who is turned into a lily. Lucia’s babcia (grandmother) loves Easter lilies! Watching them bloom this season has been a favorite past time for Lucia. Lucia knew which doll was hers. She knew somehow which one connected with her family in more ways than one. I am so happy Lily went to live with you, Lucia!

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