Purchase with Purpose

What a fun weekend the Threads by Nomad family just experienced. For the first time in the seven months of our existence, we were all together in the studio with the exception of one. Not gonna lie, it made for some intense busy noisy moments as Christen and Hayder ironed out the new fall collection–ALL 20 PIECES!!! I worked with Atia and Malikah on embroidery and dolls. We both worked on the finishing touches of our summer collection. Creators joined with our friends and office mates from Aida Foods (Farhad and Aida) for a fun evening together enjoying a wide selection of Arab and Persian foods. It was grand!

As I have these experiences I am always a bit wistful that I am not able to share more about these amazing people with you, our clients and our followers. We all have our quirks and we all laugh as we navigate cross cultural differences. However, we are creative with unique gifts and talents. I have gone to Alexandria on a number of occasions and been able to meet many of our clients. I feel like I know them already via our social media. But nothing is quite like that personal hug and the comment, “I am so happy to finally meet you in person!” So many have written me and encouraged me during my recovery. None of them, however, have ever met Hayder, or Narmin, or Atia, or Malikah. Well, Houston friends, now is your chance!

On April 28th, at the home of our friend Sandra Hachem, we will be hosting a “Purchase with Purpose” event. We invite you to come and meet Hayder, Malikah, and Narmin. Come and visit with us and let us answer your questions about Threads. Check out our new summer line! (We are so excited about the new fabrics from India!) We will have pieces from our original spring collection discounted at 30%. There is no idleness at Threads by Nomad, as we have been busy on other ideas from clutches, to key chains, to pillow cases and dolls. More ideas are on the design table! Measuring tape and forms for taking measurements will be on hand. We will keep it on file and at any time you want a custom garment or you need us to tweak one of our existing styles we will have you covered! (Pun sort of intended.) There will be food, drinks, and plenty of time to just chat and get to know one another. I promise, you will be enchanted by the openness, charm, and talents of these who are now part of the Threads by Nomad family. Our hope is that you will appreciate the sustainable livelihood we are creating for refugees here in Houston and artisans overseas. So please come join us as we celebrate diversity through design together here in Houston!

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