More Handmade Dolls!

We sold out of our initial dolls quickly and were in the process of restocking them when Mom fell. We finally got our photos and loaded them to the website, and they are now ready for purchase (here).

Our first dolls are a collaborative design effort between Haydar (our tailor) and my mom. The soft bodies are made out of cotton muslin and the hair is out of felt. The face of each doll is hand embroidered. The dresses are made from fabric remnants we have in the studio either from some of our designs or fabric used to do mock up trial designs.

Our dolls are made to represent children around the world. Each doll has a name and a short story telling about the place she represents. Eventually we will male dolls as well. Our hope is that our dolls will help each recipient as they play with and love their dolls celebrate diversity through design. Each doll is unique and this one's story is told below. With the purchase of a doll, a handwritten card with her story is included.

Meet the newest additions to our collection:

Ioana from Romania - SOLD OUT

My name is Ioana and I am from Romania. Ioana is our version of the name Joan. My name means “God is gracious.” Do you like poetry? We love poetry. We have a game called “little rabbits.” It is sort of like your musical chairs. Everyone stands around chairs while one person in the center recites a poem. When the poem is finished everyone must find a seat. The person left standing must go to the center to recite a poem. I am very happy to come and live with you. Maybe you will read poems to me sometimes?

Miriam from Morocco

My name is Miriam and I am from Morocco. My name means “wished for child.” One of the people groups in my country is known for their ability to make rugs by hand. They are bright and colorful. We hang them on the walls and sit on them on our floors. We raise the sheep that we take the wool from, spin the wool and weave the rugs. It is an amazing art that takes years to learn. I am so glad to be in my new home with you. You are my “wished for child.”

Purchase Miriam here.

Ndella from Senegal

My name is Ndella. I am from Senegal. My name means “bright.” Women from Senegal are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world. Women in Senegal love to wear a bright beautiful long robe called a “Bou Bou.” Isn’t that a funny name? The women also love the markets and love to window shop. The markets are busy, colorful and have lots of different smells! I am so happy to come and live with you. Don’t forget to take me to the market with you! We will window shop together.

Purchase Ndella here.

(PS Ndella was my mom's nickname when we lived in Senegal!)

Aaliyah from Sudan

My name is Aaliyah. I am from Sudan. My name means “wise leader.” That is a wonderful name and I hope to live up to it! The people living in my country don't always have enough to eat. There have been times when there was little rain and crops failed. When food is plentiful we love to welcome people to our home. We all eat around a big tray with meat, vegetables and sauce. We love different kinds of porridge. I hope one day there are so many wise leaders, we always have enough big trays and porridge for everyone! I am so glad to come and be in this new home with you.

Purchase Aaliyah here.

Barbra from Brazil

My name is Barbra. I am from Brazil. My name means “traveler from a foreign land.” Very appropriate, don’t you think? Did you know that Brazil is a fashion center for the world?! We are especially known for our shoes and bags. Some very famous and comfortable sandals that people like to wear were invented and made in one of our towns called Sao Paulo. The beach is one of the most wonderful places to be in Brazil. Maybe we can go sometime! I am really happy to be coming to live with you and I guess I really am a traveler from a foreign land!

Purchase Barbra here.

Aung from Burma

My name is Aung. I am from a place that was known as Burma, but is now called Myanmar. My name means “success.” Many of my people have lived in refugee camps for many years. One of my favorite foods is Biryani. It is a rice made with meat broth and noodles. Our country is one of many countries that make rice like this. As I was learning about the United States someone told me you have something similar called “rice pilaf.” I am very excited about my new home with you!

Purchase Aung here.

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