Just call me Mimamie!

I have a lot of titles. Reverend. Mom. TaTa. Mother Nell. And many more! But there is one name that, when I hear it, makes my heart turn to mush. That title is MiMamie, which is what my sweet granddaughter calls me. All the grandparents out there know what I am talking about!

What do I want for this darling girl who holds my heart? Truthfully, I want the same thing I wanted for my children. I want her to be certain she is loved. I want her to have the best possible chances and opportunities in life from education, to health care, to exercising her talents. I want her to feel secure in the place where she grows up, certain the community that loves her will look after her. And I want her to know and experience the beauty and the diversity of the world surrounding her. Unlike, my children however, I must work extra hard at helping her know of my commitment to these things and to her. Living such a long way from her means I must be intentional about sharing these ideologies. This is why I am so excited about Threads by Nomad’s new design. We have created a cloth doll to help our younger clients celebrate diversity through design.

The dolls are made from fabric remnants in our studio. The design is simple and charming. Each doll has a name and will represent a child from another country or people group. The doll will come with a short story helping each new caretaker know a bit about the background of the people her doll represents. At Threads by Nomad we believe the youngest to the oldest should be given the opportunity to engage with and appreciate diversity.

And even better? Each doll purchased will help support refugees here in the United States providing these families with the same opportunities I desire for my precious granddaughter. We hope you enjoy sharing our dolls with precious little ones in your life as much as I have enjoyed sharing with mine! (You can purchase a doll for the little one in your life right here.

MiMamie loves you, Ava!

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