Crystal Couture...Tomorrow!

Yep, we're bugging you with this information again... :) UPDATE: Mom flew into Alexandria from Houston this morning and I am on my way to Alexandria from New York. Today, with the help of my husband, Mom hauled to the event space the boxes and boxes delivered to my home over the past few weeks. Mom and a friend we've hired to help out will head over tomorrow before the event starts at 5PM.

We were both invited to appear on the local Channel 9 in a publicity segment for Crystal Couture on Friday morning at 9AM. If you're local to Alexandria, you will be able to view Threads' television debut!

Thanks in advance to all those who pay us a visit this weekend!

xoxo - Christen

PS I think Threads will be "walking the runway" at 6:15PM on Friday if you're able to attend then!

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