Threads by Nomad gifts are here! (And they're under $100!)

Happy news! The pillows and clutches we have been promoting on social media are finally LIVE on the website and ready to buy! Here's what we are offering:


Our 12x8 mudcloth clutches were designed after the launch of our clothing. Not only did we have customers ask for accessories in our signature fabrics, but we also wanted to provide a small range of gifts under $100 as we approached the holidays. It turns out our gifts are wildly popular and a fan favorite.

Our mudcloth is not mass produced and therefore every piece is different in design. We can guarantee the colors but we cannot guarantee that your pillow will look exactly like the one pictured here. In fact, we guarantee that it will not! But that's the beauty of purchasing one of a kind pieces, is it not?

Every clutch is fully lined and comes with an inside pocket and hand-embroidered label. After reaching out to our customers to get feedback on whether or not they wanted a loop handle, we decided to make it removable. The clutch can easily be used with our without the loop handle, and the handle can serve as a keychain if not used on the bag.

After being stored flat for a period of time (for example, when it is shipped), the fringe on the clutch can get a little kinky. This can easily be reversed by gently combing through the fringe with your fingers.

Our signature indigo mud cloth is made with true indigo dye. We have prewashed the fabric several times to prevent bleeding. However, if it becomes wet or damp, transfer may still occur. This may be particularly true of our clutch made from the indigo fabric. Therefore, we are not offering the clutch in that fabric.

Pillows and Pillowcases

The mudcloth used for our pillows and pillowcases is the same fabric used for our clutches. We have four color options: Black, White, Blue and Orange.

If you like the blue or brown mudcloth seen in other parts of our collection, you can go ahead and order a blue or brown mudcloth pillow. We are working on getting photos of them and will have them uploaded just as soon as possible!

Note for indigo blue pillow: This fabric is made by hand and hand dyed with true indigo dye. It is natural for indigo to bleed. We have prewashed this fabric several times to prevent further bleeding. Nevertheless, we recommend if you desire to wash your pillow cover, hand wash only with a small amount of detergent. Allow your pillow cover to completely dry before using. Some bleeding may still occur if your pillow becomes wet or damp.

Another quick note , this time on shipping: Any gift orders placed before December 20th are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas Day.

So what are you waiting for? Start your holiday shopping now: And don't forget, if you make a purchase now through Thanksgiving Day, we will send you a $25 coupon to use on your next purchase made between Black Friday through Christmas Eve!

Thank you as always for your support!

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