What would you do?

We are in the process of designing a handful of "giftables" priced under $100 leading up to the holidays. Thus far, we've decided on a range of clutches, a set of pillowcases and I recently thought the idea of a keychain might be cool.

The giftable that has come together first is the mud cloth clutch, which is sampled in black and white here but will come in a variety of colors and prints. My initial design was very simple, but I am happy to say that Hayder and Mom have improved upon it by giving it an inset zipper and strip of fringe. The last component they wanted to add was a loop handle on the side. At first, I was completely against it. I feel loop handles can sometimes make clutches feel more like pouches--too casual, too "young."

But then, we started posting photos of the clutch and multiple followers/customers asked us if it would come with a handle. Then I received the sample in the mail and it did seem to me that maybe it was missing a loop. After all, it's a more casual clutch to begin with given the fabric choice and it seemed almost too linear, too symmetrical without one.

Last night, I had a bunch of really random dreams--a not-so-unusual phenomenon for me. In one of my dreams, however, I decided we should set up a poll and ask our fans and followers which they would prefer since they were the ones who would be (hopefully) buying and wearing them! I woke up, congratulated myself on the very productive dream and got to work:

So let us know. Would you prefer the clutch to come exactly as is or would you find it more useful if it came with a loop handle? We've set up a poll on our Facebook page to collect your responses. Please click on this link to participate!

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