12 more hours to go!

This has been one wild ride to say the least. In thirty days we have already raised $22,130 in start up funds for Threads by Nomad. In less than two weeks after the launch of our campaign we had already hit our goal of $20,000. In twelve hours, our Kickstarter campaign will end. So why are we still asking for help? According to the Small Business Association, 50% of new small businesses will fail. Insufficient start up capital is one of the primary reasons. We want to ensure our success because that will ensure the success of those we have enlisted to help us create our garments, including Hayder (our tailor), Atia (our embroiderer), as well as the artisans in Togo and Thailand with whom we are already working to build our second collection.

What happens after the end of our Kickstarter campaign? We go into production on Monday to create the pieces our supporters have pre-ordered and send them out as soon as possible so they--so you--can start wearing our garments. We will refine our website and diversify the fabric selection for our first collection in preparation for its official launch in February. We are working on the design and creation of a handful of on-brand gifts under $100 for the holidays. And as we mentioned, we are already starting to secure options for our second collection.

By supporting us you are supporting artisans literally the world over and will play a part in spreading a message of hope in and appreciation of diversity. Celebrating diversity through design--that's what we're about and we are asking you to join us in this celebration.

You can make a contribution here.

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